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Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Helo Hel-o Hello
Bore Da Bore-rare-daa Good Morning
Pnawn Da P-now-n-daa Good Afternoon
Noswaith Dda Nos-why-ht-dda Good Evening
David dw i David-d-wee I'm David
Pwy dach chi? Poo-ee Darch-ee Who are you?
Nos da Nos-daa Goodnight
Hwyl Who-il Goodbye
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Mae'n braf Mine-braav It's fine/nice
Mae'n oer Mine-oir It's cold
Mae'n boeth Mine-boy-th It's hot
Ydy Ud-ee Yes it is
Ydy wir Ud-ee-weir Yes indeed
Heddiw Heed-you Today
Bore 'ma Bore-rare-ma This morning
Pnawn 'ma P-now-n-ma This afternoon
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Sut dach chi Sid-arCH-ee How are you?
Lawn Yown Fine/OK
Da iawn Dar-yown Very well
Gweddol G-where-DDoll Fair
Dim yn ddrrwg Dim-un-DDroog Not bad
Diolch Dee-all'CH Thank you
A chi Ah-Chee And you
Dach chi'n iawn DaCH-een-yown Are you alright
Ydw Ud-oo Yes
Nac ydw Nag-ud-oo No
Beth sy'n bod? Bare'th-sin-bored What's the matter?
Cur pen Kier-pen A headache
Annwyd Ann-oo-id A cold
Y ffliw Er-fl'you The flu
Wedi blino Wedd-ee bleen-or Tired
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Te Tear (as in to rip) Tea
Coffi Coff-ee Coffee
Llefrith LL'ev-rith Milk
Siwgwr Shoog-ooR Sugar
Bisged Biss-ged Biscuit
Dim diolch Dim-dee-all'CH No thank you
Diolch Dee-all'CH Thank you
Os gwelwch yn dda Os-g'well-ooCH-unDDah Please
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Lie dach chi'n byw? Llair-daCH-een-bewe Where do you live?
Yn Bethel Un-beth-el In Bethel
Dw i'n byw yn ... Dween-bewe-un ... I live in ...
O ble dach chi'n dod? Or-blair-daCH-een-dord? Where do you come from?
Dw i'n dod o ... Dween-dord-or ... I come from ...
Dych chi'n byw yn Bangor? DeeCH-een-bewe-un-Bang-gore? Do you come from Bangor?
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Sut mae'r teulu? Sit-my'R-tay-lee How's the family?
Sut mae Ann? Sit-my-Ann How's Ann?
Sut mae'r plant? Sit-my'R-plant How's the children?
Mae Ann yn brysur My-Ann-un-brus-eeR Ann is busy
Mae hi'n well My-heen-weLL She is better
Mae o'n sâl My-orne-sarle He is ill
Mae nhw'n iawn Mine-noon-yown They are alright
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Dw i'n hoffi ... Dween-hoff-ee ... I like ...
Dw i ddim yn hoffi ... Dwee-Ddim-un-hoff-ee ... I don't like ...
Dach chi'n hoffi... Dar-CH-een-hoff-ee Do you like?
Chawaraeon ChwaaR-eye-on Sport
Gwylio'r teledu G'wil-ioR-tel-ed-ee Watching TV
Darlien DaR-LLen Reading
Siopa Shop-iah Shopping
Dawnsio Down-shore Dancing
Cyfrifaduron Cov-riv-yad-iR-on Computers
Mynd am dro Minned-am-draw Going for a walk
Mynd ar wyliau Minned-aR-will-y'eye Going on holiday
Mynd I'r sinema Minned-eeR-sin-e-ma Going to the cinema
Mynd I'r dafarn Minned-eeR-dav-aRn Going to the pub
Mynd I'r gwaith Minned-eeR-g'why'th Going to work
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Os gwelwch yn dda Os-g'well-ooCH-un-Ddah Please
Diolch Dee-all'CH Thank you
Esgusodwch fi Es-gis-od-ooCh-vee Excuse me
Ga i helpu? Ga-ee-help-ee Can I help you?
Mae'n ddrwg gen i Mine-throog-ge-knee I'm sorry
Croeso Crois-or You're welcome
Peidiwch â sôn Pay-dee'ooCH-ah-sawn Don't mention it
Popeth yn iawn Pop-eth-un-yownThat's OK
Cymraeg - Welsh Phonetic Saesneg - English
Rough pronounciation guide to some of the more tricky sounds
LL - like a "L" but blow; CH - as in Loch or Bach; R - roll it; DD - as in The

You can also download this fact-sheet (approximately 80 kB) in PDF format.

Based on a series in the Daily Post - September 2002

You could always go to this unofficial Welsh tourist board site, complete with wav files for authentic pronunciations; or these pages at the University of Wales, Lampeter with some mp3 files.

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